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Affordable Dental Implants and Dentures in Thornton, CO

Missing one or more teeth creates problems that go beyond having a gap in your smile. Missing teeth make it hard to bite, chew, or even speak clearly, while lack of natural tooth roots can cause bone in your jaw to shrink.

Dental implants provide a permanent way to replace any number of missing teeth for greatly improved appearance and oral health. With implants form our Thornton, CO dental office, you can avoid the complications that come with tooth loss and enjoy a beautiful, functional, and strong smile.Dental-Implants-in-Thornton-CO-Alpine-Dental-Center-Dr-Gurman

Replacing Single Teeth with Implants

Teeth can be missing for any number of reasons, from injury to tooth decay and damage, but dental implants successfully restore your smile. Implants are perfect for replacing a single missing tooth, or even correcting sporadic tooth loss – where single teeth are missing from various spots in your smile. 

Dental implants act as complete replacement teeth, including new tooth roots and a dental crown. The body of the implant looks like a metal screw, and is placed through oral surgery into bone in the jaw. In doing so, implant stimulate tissue and prevents bone loss that comes from missing teeth. After placing the implant post, Dr. Gurman adds a new, tooth-colored dental crown to complete your smile.  Dental implants provide a long-lasting alternative to other restorative treatments, such as bridges and partial dentures.

Dental Implant Dentures for Upper and Lower Arches

The most difficult kind of tooth loss to cope with is missing all of your natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw arch, or both.  With minimal to no teeth, everyday oral function becomes more challenging and less comfortable. Restorations like traditional dentures provide improvements in appearance and function, but come with drawbacks that some patients find difficult to tolerate.

For patients with total tooth loss, Dr. Gurman proves permanent and sturdy implant dentures for the best in comfort, aesthetics, and oral function. Our implant-supported denture options include:

Screw-Retained and Clip-On Lower Dentures – Our Thornton implant dentist is experienced in providing lower dentures supported by implants. Using between 2-6 implant posts as anchors, we can attach a lower denture in a way that does not irritate soft tissue or cause discomfort while eating. Patients can chose from dentures that securely snap onto two implant posts, or permanent dentures with six implants that are not removable and act like your own real teeth.

Permanent Upper Dentures – Full sets of traditional upper dentures can be bulky and block the palate, making it hard to taste and enjoy your food, but permanent upper dentures supported by implants provide a significant improvement in comfort and strength, as well as the freedom of an unblocked palate. These permanent dentures use six implant posts as supporting anchors and are long-lasting treatments for total tooth loss.

Before beginning treatment, we review important patient considerations, such as practicality, longevity, and budget. If patients have any healthy teeth that can be saved, Dr. Gurman does his best to provide conservative care where only severely damaged teeth are extracted and Thornton-Dental-Implants-Alpine-Dental-Center-Dr-Gurmanreplaced.  Alpine Dental Center is also happy to provide implant denture restorations for patients with damaged dental prosthetics.

With our flexile options for implant treatment, we are able to provide full smile rehabilitations for patients with any number of missing teeth. 

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